Brave Heart Bath Salts

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Brave Heart Bath Salts

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Imagine floating in the absolute, pristine French atlantic seawater.  A very special place, Guerande, a medieval town in western France, there are dedicated paludiers (salt workers) who use traditional techniques to HAND harvest this precious gift from the gods, using only bare hands and wooden tools.  The saltwater is carefully and skillfully channeled from the sea into shallow marshes to evaporate. Once the love salt has magically formed, the paludiers rake the ponds, carefully collecting the unique crystals that formed in the marshes. And then, providing a salt that is truly untouched by anything but air, seawater and human hands. 

To complete the perfection of our love salt, we added the unforgettable combination of (highest quality, pure, therapeutic level) grapefruit & palo santo essential oils, timeless organic rose buds and fan favorite jasmine flowers- that symbolize love and romance. Your bath soak is a genuinely peaceful, and oh-so relaxing experience.

Soaking in this incredibly special bath salt, you will feel a sense of deep love, protection, purity, and soooo incredibly inspired to remember Mother nature's gifts. This universe so generously provides for our NATURAL well being.