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Uno de 50 FEARLESS collection speaks to women and men who don’t settle for conventional, who explore new styles, who make their jewelry a means of expressing themselves.

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  • Magnolia Pearl ~ Wearable Art

    Every time you wear Magnolia Pearl you are cocooned in supple encouragement, dressed to reflect the revolution within. The body is our vehicle of experience, the threshold between the known and unknown world. Such a blessed vessel merits protection, soft armor for the divinity shining like a sacred heart from our very breasts.

  • The Liverpool Promise

    Liverpool is a total wardrobe solution for fashion-conscious women and men who lead hectic, busy lives. We are you. We test and love every single product we put out because we would never sell anything that we wouldn’t want to live in.

  • Hammitt L.A Handbags

    Each style starts with a thought and an idea to solve a problem. Ideas become sketches, which come to life thanks to high quality materials that are selected to last and intended to be cherished.

    Each handbag keeps you in mind and is here to help you be yourself and make your life easier and more colorful.

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