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How Do You Layer A Chan Luu Necklace For A Statement Look?

How Do You Layer A Chan Luu Necklace For A Statement Look?

Necklaces are the main character of one's outfit. They serve as an expression of sophistication and class. Wearing a single jewelry piece to highlight your neckline could be enough, but the real fun part begins when you layer these pieces of jewelry. When we talk about necklaces, the top choice has to be the chan luu necklace.

But as easy as it may sound, some work must be done to achieve the perfect balance of these shiny accessories. Some wearers do not like layered necklaces because they form a disintegrated look in the eyes. But if you would like to differ, take note of these styling tips for Chan Luu chains so you can pull things off and create your style work for you:

Expert Tips for Layering Necklaces

1. Use different styles of necklaces

If you want to create a chaotic figure in the neckline, you must choose different jewelry styles. Specifically, one must wear necklaces with varying centerpieces, such as geometric shapes and other pendants of various colors and sizes. 

The main focus is avoiding using accessories with the same design since they will look disorganized. Also, the chains may get tangled with each other. The combination of the seemingly incompatible chan luu pearl necklace resembles a contemporary style that is trending nowadays.

2. Wear necklaces with different lengths

Besides using jewelry with different designs, consider the length of the accessories' laces. By doing this, each necklace stands out on its own. Chain extenders are also available in a few designs, which may be helpful when layering necklaces.

To create a look using necklaces of many lengths, ensure to wear the one closest to the neck first. After doing so, the layer continues depending on the total size of each of the accessories.

3. Try out different pearls and gems

Why wear a single necklace when you have multiple styling options? Here are a few layering tips using different elements-

  • Start with the prominent jewelry like a chan luu pearl necklace.
  • Add in other metals, like silver, to go along with it.
  • Gold and silver together can add to the look
  • If all your necklaces are the same color, they might blend.
  • Adding different color necklaces can help each necklace stand out.
  • Mix things up by trying different gems for a personalized touch.
4. Go for adjustable necklaces

Choose a few customized ones to make the most of the necklace styling. Wearing jewelry with multiple clasp options can complete a specific layer of accessories you have in mind.

You can also use this accessory or look for many events in the long run. Compared to one chain with a fixed length, you can easily combine it from one set of necklaces to another.

5. Invest on pendants

You can also shop for more pendants if you want to play around with different varieties of accessories using the same laces that you already have. The good thing about it is that you can mix and match chains of different shades by replacing the pendants you will use to match your outfit.

6. Change accessories with your clothing neckline

Fashion designers have one of the main secrets while layering jewelry like necklaces: they pick the size and number of accessories based on the top they are wearing. It makes the overall look neat and coordinated.

For example, pearl chan luu necklace. Since pearls are larger than other chains, always wear pearl chokers if you go for shoulder-free dresses for a street casual look.

7. Go for small and pretty necklaces for formal outfits

Necklaces are built to create a statement, but there are certain events where they should serve as ornaments to prevent overpowering your outfit. One such instance is when you are dressed up formally.

A corporate rule of thumb is to go for jewelry with dainty shades. It is the safest way to go since picking accessories with a pop of color can distract others. And in events where decency comes front and center, it is not recommended to pull off that style.

The Bottom Line

These statement pieces are designed to make you look truly unique in the crowd. Now that you know the styling tips for a Chan Luu necklace, it's time to grab your favorite piece from Denas shop. Browse the extensive range of Chan Luu jewelry today!


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