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  • 3/4 Sleeve Lacey Sleevey Wonder
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Sleevey Wonder

3/4 Sleeve Lacey Sleevey Wonder

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Basic 3/4 length sleeve in lace. A viney lace that can be sexy or conservative depending on your mood and what you wear over it! The four -way stretch gently hugs your arms and the lace can camouflage any flaws or tattoos you might want to keep hidden without sacrificing style. 

Sleevey Wonders are reversible! Choose from a v-neck or a scoop neck!

  • Reversible slip on sleeves made to wear under all your sleeveless tops and dresses, magically transforming your outfit into something new.
  • Four-way stretch gently hugs & slims your arms; there are no shoulder seams, so they look like they're part of the your top or dress.
  • To show less cleavage, turn your Sleevey Wonder around & have instant coverage.
  • Lace material: 95% Nylon, 5% Spandex
  • Made in the USA
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